GWS was hired by Aerospace Component Services to build our first e-commerce site and integrate it into our existing operating system. Due to our immediate need to begin testing the solution with our key customers, GWS was given 90 days to complete the project. By meeting our tight schedule, assisting our staff with innovative solutions, and having a solid understanding of business principles, GWS has proven to be a reliable e-Business resource for our company.
Richard Anderson
Claude Lauzon
GWS has not only been a great service for us, they have taken a keen interest in our sales process. With their help, we have been able to get a greater understanding on how our customers not only come to us from search, but what role search plays on the overall steps that it takes to cultivate a customer relationship. Their ability and willingness to integrate with our systems and tracking has made them a really valued partner.
Nicolas Blackriver
Roman Godzich
Director eMarketing

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