Adobe Experience Manager: Content, Search, Social & Mobile – An Integrated Future

Andy Betts, June 10, 2014

“Think of the website like a canvas where creativity meets technology.” This is how Loni Stark, director of product and industry marketing at Adobe, helped described the new Adobe Experience Manager.

I managed to catch up with Stark at the Adobe Marketing Summits in Utah and London this year to talk in detail about Adobe Experience Manager, the reinvention of marketing, and how deep integration with content, search, and mobile marketing technologies are the future of the Web.

Adobe Experience Manager – Content Roots

Adobe Experience Manager has its roots in Web content management and has now evolved to cover the whole digital user experience via optimization and integration.

With a growing list of analyst admirers from the likes of Forrester, Gartner, and more recently Rebecca Lieb from Altimeter (who describes the “content marketing stack race” as “Adobe’s battle to lose”), the relationship between the creative cloud and the marketing cloud looks to be one made in heaven.

The New Adobe Experience Manager: All Digital Assets, All Digital Experiences

Major enhancements from Adobe Experience Manager, which sits within the Adobe marketing cloud, have been heavily focused on overcoming the challenges of delivering and uniting digital experiences across devices and channels.

With regard to digital asset management, new features now optimize for asset sharing, reuse, and media delivery for dynamic images and video.

Integration with Adobe social enables shared assets and helps brands manage communities on their own sites. Shared assets across all products are available via the marketing cloud.


Adobe has also built on its, industry first, mobile app solution providing mobile forms and workflows that business users can design and customer’s access on mobile devices.

“People need to step up and look at how they can impact all experiences,” Stark said. “Mobile is only the tip of the iceberg. Look at wearable’s for example, the tipping point is coming soon.”

Where Content and Optimization Meet: The Point of Creativity

On the Adobe blog, Stark takes us into more detail as to what fuels this growth, saying that:

Each initiative that goes live on Experience Manager is a story of the partnership between marketers and technologists to deliver digital customer experiences that build brands, drive demand, and foster customer loyalty.
That’s a great point. With all eyes in our community on the convergence of content, search, and social practices (with me initially writing about this in 2012), this strategy becomes even more compelling when you dig deep into at research such as the Content Marketing Software Landscape from The Altimeter Group.

In this research the notion of the content stack focuses on the development of a whole new content marketing technology playing field with the creation and optimization of content “feeding the beast.” It’s where the content cycle – optimization, automation, measurement, and subsequent technological integration – meet to scale.

Content, Optimization, Measurement

Aligning your content and optimization strategies is a key priority for modern-day marketer. Optimization is no longer purely a technical issue.

There is a very significant marketing aspect to SEO as it becomes more content centric. Brands that learn how to evolve their approach to SEO and content put themselves in a winning position.

After all, SEO is about technology and human behavior. Content marketing and content management systems play a large part in this relationship and its something that Adobe Experience Manager has in its enhanced armory.

How? Key technology partnerships such as that with SEO market leaders BrightEdge, with and the latter’s Advanced Content Optimizer providing deep integration and SEO capabilities into the Adobe Experience Manager signify an important shift in our market with the integration of leading technologies that span across “the content stack.”

image Credit: Adobe

The integration of content and SEO at the time of authoring provides marketers with learning, scale, and efficiency across content and SEO teams.

An Integrated Future

The future is bright for marketers who are looking to reinvent what they do. Huge advancements in technology are paving the way for greater understanding, optimization, and measurement of all our digital marketing efforts.

The new Adobe Experience Manger is a great example of product and industry innovation where all digital channels, assets, and experiences can be optimized. Within “the context of the cloud” – further integration of skills, channels, and technology is on the horizon and the sky is the limit!

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